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In addition to your routine eye exam, if your are interested in contacts our doctors are prepared to fit you with the best lens they think will give you comfort and optimal vision.

We are able to fit:





Gas Permiable



               Professional standards of care recommended that all people wearing contact lenses have a full comprehensive eye examination and contact lens diagnostic examination at lease eye year. We will NOT dispense contact lenses or write  contact lens prescription without a comprehensive exam AND a diagnostic contact lens evaluation every 12 months. 

A comprehensive eye examination and Contact lens diagnostic evaluation consist of: (MUST BE DONE)

-To determine the refractive status of your eye (myopia, hyperopia,astigmatism,prebopia)

-To make certain your eyes are healthy and free of diseases such as Glaucoma,cataracts, macular degeneration,diabetic retinophthy, etc,.

-To make certain your eyes are functioning together as a team.

-Measuring the curvature and topography of your eye to help determine the size of lens that will best fit your eye, and to assure your current contact lenses are still in alignment with the curve of your eyes (both your eyes and your lenses can change over time),

-contact lens specific health assessment to make certain your eyes are able to wear your contacts an remain healthy and free of lens-related problems (corneal ulcers , neovascularization,  giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal edema, infiltrates, abrasion, etc),







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