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DR. J. Dean Nolan


Dr. Nolan was born and raised right here in Lawton. He graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1976 and continued his education at Cameron University, after which he attended Northeastern University College of Optometry. Dr. Nolan is the owner of the Advanced Eye Site optometry clinic. He is a consultant for Bausch and Lomb Industries and he has been published in magazines for his work with their company. Dr. Nolan has a desire to serve the community that he has grown up in.

DR. Eric D. Nielsen


Dr. Nielsen is a graduate of Northeastern College of Optometry. He is a retired optometrist of U.S. Air Force. Dr. Nielsen see's patients here at Dr. Nolan's office as well as service members, their families and veterans on Fort Sill military base. He serves the community and our troops as best he can in both of these locations. Dr. Nielsen is a caring man that will go above and beyond for his patients. 

Dr. Kristina Flaig


Dr. Kristina Flaig is a Lawton native, returning from completing her residency at the Arkansas Vision Development Center, specializing in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation and Pediatric Optometry. Prior to that, she attended the NSU Oklahoma College of Optometry, where she was able to work with Cherokee Nation and the Muskogee VA hospital, which allowed me to become well-versed in the treatment and management of ocular disease. 

She recommends the first eye exam at 8 months of age to rule out pathology and correct any visual dysfunction that can affect young ones as they grow and learn to do the most important things in life. Vision has a tremendous impact on people's quality of life. Individuals suffering from a traumatic or acquired brain injury also, often, have vision-related issues and can benefit from lenses, therapy, and/or other treatments. If you feel any of your patients can benefit from having their eyes checked.

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